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Variable voltage D. C. source is required for Electrodeposition processes, desired in electroplating & anodizing. The various rating of voltage and current required for the process, depend upon the metal to be deposited and process to be adopted. E-MECH Rectifiers are designed in standard voltages of 8 V to 24V and in currents varying from 100 Amps upto 5000 Amps. A separate price list is available for ordering the units accordingly. The units are generally manufactured and recommended for oil-cooled construction. However, the units’ upto 1000 Amps are also available in air-cooled construction. Special purpose Rectifiers used for Electrophoretic & CED Coatings are also available.


Rectifiers are designed to work off 415 V AC nominal 3 phases, 50Hz supply and are suitable for a range of 375V to 415-V. Units of very small capacities namely 8V/12V/16V and upto 100 Amps can also be supplied to work off the input voltage of 240V AC nominal 1 phase, 50 Hz supply.
The D.C. output is continuously adjustable from 0 to full rated value, from no load to full rated current, over the input range described. All the 3 phase units are having a low ripple of approx. 5% and as such are suitable for any kind of metal finishing.
The units are assembled with high quality materials, and the components are manufactured to relevant specifications as follows:

The transformer is wound with electrolytic copper conductors, class 'A’ insulation and conforms to IS 2026 in general. The laminations used are C.R.G.O. Silicon steel low less type. The wound coils are vacuum impregnaked, by using oven-baked varnish.
b) I. P. T.: For high current units, transformer secondary is generally double vye, and an I. P. T. wound with copper is provided on the secondary to extend the conduction period of windings and diodes.
c) SILICON RECTIFIER: The Rectifier is assembled by using silicon diodes mounted on heat sinks and connected in full wave circuit. Individual R. C. components are used for hole storage protection. The diodes assembly is always selected to have at least 40% extra rating above the max. Output current.
d) REGULATOR: In order to facilitate voltage variation from zero onwards, a continuously variable voltage auto transformer conforming to IS 5142 is incorporated. The variacs are oil-cooled units and are used as independent units, or some times, accommodated in the transformer tank. Motorization is provided as optional feature.
PROTECTIONS AND METERING: As a general protections on the input, an MCB and 3 nos fuses on the output of variac terminals are provided. 3 nos pilot indicators are incorporated on incoming side. 96 sq. cm. and an ammeter with suitable shunt are provided to read the output parameters.
EXTRA FEATURES: For all the rectifiers used in continuous automatic, semi automatic plants, we can also incorporate special features as follows:
1. Remote switching on by using contactors and bimetal overload relay.
2. Push Button operation by motorization for variacs.
3. Constant Voltage or Constant Current features using electronic circuits.
4. Variac Zero start facility.
5. Timers, time totalizers, ampere-hour meters etc.

Descriptive literature and detailed maintenance instructions accompany every unit of ours, to expect trouble free service over long periods.


These are normally in range of 10 volt / 10 Amps output. These are single-phase models, with Digital Ammeter & Voltmeter and are Air Cooled. These can be provided with Timers, Constant Voltage Constant Current features as desired.


These Rectifiers are normally in the range of 10 Volts / 10 Amps or upwards till 10 Volts / 50 Amps output. These are single-phase models with Digital Meters. These are Air Cooled. These can be provided with Timers, CV, CC features. It is also common to have an Ampere Minute meter with a Totalizer.


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