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Centrifugal Dryers are used for the quick drying of small plated articles, which are put in perforated baskets made of S. S., or galvanized M. S. The Baskets can be easily Loaded and unloaded.

These dryers are of solid construction with a strong & heavy base of Casting. The Body is of sheet metal. The Flywheel and the Perforated Basket are balanced to reduce vibrations. Heating is provided with Elements, which can be easily replaced. The lid is interlocked with the Foot Pedal, which cuts off power supply to the Motor & Heaters.




This Dryer of two main M. S. Channel section supports at sides and heavy duty M.S. Angle Irons, in which the main chamber of Dryer is mounted.

The Perforated Basket is rotated vertically by shaft fitted in Taper Rubber cone Bush.

The Main Shaft is rotated by V. Belt driven by vertically mounted Electric Motor.

The Articles to be dried are to be fed in the Basket by opening the Lid provided on the top of Container and dried articles are emptied from the bottom by merely pressing the handle lever provided on the top of the Machine.

Model of different capacities are available right from 5 kg upto 30 to 40 kgs. Details available on request.

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